Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some really EXCITING new...

Last Monday, 6/21, I was feeling really blahh all day but really just figured that it was me getting ready for my monthly gift to come! The next morning 6/22, the gift was due but, if you are TTC you can't resist taking a pregnancy test even if you think your gift it coming. Well, guess what? I didn't have any more pregnancy test! UGH! So, if you didn't know this you can take an ovulation test as a pregnancy test. It isn't 100%, but that can give you a hint that maybe you could be. So I take one and it was positive! Either I was about to ovulate again or maybe just maybe I was pregnant! I of course had to go clean a house and couldn't stop thinking about it. After I was done I went to Walgreen's and got a First Response two pack and came home. I used the restroom in a cup and dipped. I then covered it up and started timing the 3 minute thing. WHO WAS I KIDDING? I had to watch to see if there was 2 lines.. I lifted it up there were already two lines there! I screamed cried and started praying and thanking God for this gift! My sister was in the other room and heard me and came to see what was wrong and I told her. We hugged and I cried more... it was great! I then had to think of a way to tell my hubby and our family!

I went to Wal-mart and got poster paper, paint, and some pink and blue ribbons. I painted a sign that said "Welcome to baby Hanks' new room! Coming soon.. Feb. 2011!" I went and hung it in our new house in the room we will use for the nursery and text the hubby to meet me there when he got off. He get's there and takes his sweat time seeing it but when he did he was shocked and we stood there and held each other. This is something we have talked about and prayed for for months and just couldn't believe it was happening! Later on his mother and my family came and got to see the great news!

I think that I am about 5 1/2 weeks, but am going to the doctor today to confirm and hopefully they can tell me a little more. But, we are praying for a healthy little Hanks!! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hey, Heyyyyy

Yes, I have been so very busy! Where do I begin.... Ok! First, Our house is coming along so quickly! We will actually be closing on the home on the 25th of this month. They will not be done with the home, but we do have to close before the 30th to still meet the restrictions of the First Time Home Buyer tax credit! There are a lot of questions and concerns I have about this and I will be getting those answered before we agree to closing before they are done. I just don't want to make a mistake due to lack of information! Aside from having to worry about that, there is so so so so much we have to buy for the house. Not only stuff for decoration but stuff like sinks and faucets and mirrors that we have to pick out(included in our loan) and buy that they install! It will be a crazy few weeks doing all of that, but I love it!

Also, I really am getting mad at Verizon Wireless! They have really been not so nice to us lately! I think we might be switching to A T&T(spelling?)!!

As far as Eden and Wayne goes, they are so great. Wayne is still searching for a job. He finds out tomorrow if he gets the job at Sabine Pass! Please pray that we find peace whatever the outcome may be!
Alana <3

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun, Family Holiday Weekend

Our weekend started out Friday night with Allie's (my step-daughter)recital at the Julie Rogers Theater! It was so very cute to see her in her outfit and the all make-up! She is so pretty and I am so happy she is in our lives. If you want to see picutes, Go to my facebook! :) After she danced we stayed and watched a few more dances, because I really miss dance and being involved in that. At intermission, we got Allie from her mommy backstage and took her to dinner to celebrate!! After Casa Ole we went straight to bed because we were getting up super early for Schlitterbahn! We left our house at around 6:45 and headed to meet my inlaws at their house. We left at about 7 and got to the ferry line at around 8ish! We had forgoten a few things and tried to stop at Wal-mart on the seawall, Bad idea! There was at least 20 people waiting in each line so we just left! We just got ice somewhere else and made the girls wear life jackets! :) We really had so very much fun at Schlitterbahn!! There is a lot for them and us to do as a family and mainly I enjoyed relaxing in the lazy river! We didn't get home untill late because, as always, the ferry line to go home was crazy! We will be going back at least one more time this summer.

On Sunday we got up late, missed church, and got everyone ready to go run the roads. We went to several furniture places looking for some things for our new home. We are needing a coffee table, TV stand, bar stools, a bed, dresser, and night stands. After a few places we ended up at Hadley's furniture and found everything we were looking for, for great prices! We will deffinatly be back there as soon as they get close to being done with our home! After a sweet treat at Great American cookie company, we got the girls home for bath and bed. That is quickly becoming my favorite time of the day!

For Memorial Day we went over to our house(in progress) and had a BBQ with family and friends. It was a lot of fun and the roasted corn was AMAZING! ohh and I cleaned off the slab from all the rain we had gotten the day before. There was tons of leaves and things on there. I sat down on what will be our back porch, and it hit me... This is ours! It was pretty exciting and emotional! After being outside almost all day, we went to my cousins for swimming and pizza! :) Also, my wonderful hubby made toasted marshmellow milkshakes for dessert, YUMMY! :) It was a great weekend and a great start to summer!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I almost forgot..... THEY DID SOMETHING AT OUR HOUSE TODAY!! They brought dirt in and got all of the plumbing stubbed out! YES! Just one step closer to pouring the slab which should be done by Friday! I am super happy and excited. OH and I am going to be doing a book on of all of the pictures I take of the progress on our home. It's so cute and I know I couldnt make a scrapbook that is that nice! Stay tuned for more home updates! :)

Just Thinking....

Well, as it is for most people, times are hard as far as money goes. Wayne is in the process of finding a new teaching job and that really scares me. We are used to his salary now and know that a lot of schools just dont pay the same as Vidor. We are hoping he will find something that pays the same or more but we just dont know. If my prayers are answered and it's God's will for him to work somewhere that his pay would increase that would be amazing, but if it isnt and God has another path for us, I am going to have to seriously think of ways to save us money. We are about to have a mortgage for the first time and all the expences that come along with owning a home and I just want to live comfortably! I have thought of so many things such as coupons, sales, buying in bulk, making my own laundry detergent, a garden, limiting our eating out to a couple of times a month, and lots more. I really want to try to do this not only to save money, but to feel like I get the most out of Wayne's salary. I do work. I clean houses part-time and that does provide a pretty good income for us, but I do not want to rely on that. But, I am really going to leave all of this up to God and know that he will guide me to making great choices for our family! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Almost Summer :)

I really really love summer. Mostly because I get to spend lots and lots of time with my husband and daughter! Eden is kind of sad for kindergarten to end because she loves her teacher and loves her friends, expecially Garrett! LOL! For some reason she is really drawn to having boy friends instead of girl friends. Ohh well, it's ok for right now! :) I really hope that she gets another good group of kids in her class again next year. They really all get along so well.

Now for a house update... Well... There is nothing to update. Because, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING FOR OVER A WEEK! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am beyond angry, dissapointed, frustrated, and sad. No one can ever ever give a correct answer to any of our questions and that's even if they call us back. We showed up yesterday to sign some one our change request for somethings we added and to pick out paint colors and our sales person wasnt even there. We didn't get to do that so we have to drive back yet again. Everyday the lead contractor will day this and this will get done today and when we go by, NOTHING. There is always an excuse or they tell us it will get done tomorrow and it just dosent happen. My husband just keeps telling me to have patients, but at what point do you stop having it and realize that something needs to be done? Ok, Im done! LOL

I am off to a Graduation party for Ben and then later on tonight I have a bachelorette party for a friend. That should be fun! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ohh, I am a slacker!

Yes, I know, I really should do this more often. Sorry! Let's see, what's new??? Well, they started on our house. They started and now have just kinda stopped. Always some kind of excuse! If I could go back now and do this all over again, we would just buy a house and not build one. Even though I really like being able to make everything just to our liking, I do not like having to wait for others to get stuff done. I have a sinking feeling that we are getting ripped off, but we will just see. I am trying to stay positive.

On another note, Eden only have 7 days of Kindergarten left! I can't believe this. She is getting so big. She really has learned a lot this year and I really loved her teacher. On to 1st grade. We are so proud of your daughter!

To celebrate the end of the school year for Wayne and Eden we are going to Galveston Memorial Day weekend to go to schlitterbahn. YAY! We all love water parks and couldnt be more excited. Hopefully some of our friends and family can come too! We are also trying to decide if we are going to go on a summer vacation. If we do it will have to be somewhere close due to the construction on our home we have to be near by just incase! I love summer and we deffinatly want to make this one a memorable one.

As for me, I am now not working full-time and am running a cleaning business part-time. I clean everyday but tuesdays, so that's kinda my day off. Even when I am off I feel so bad not doing something or bringing in income for our family! But, I love it and it has really allowed me to see Eden a lot more. Once our home is done I cant wait to be able to cook more and oraganize and with me only working max 4 hours a day, it will really help me be able to do that. :)

OH and married life is really amazing and sweet and just a dream for me. Wayne really has shown me what forever feels like! I love you Wayne Hanks!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's New...

Wayne and I are getting married this Saturday! :) I am so beyond excited and blessed and can't even talk about it without crying. I know I will be a mess Saturday! AHH! My heart is so full right now with love and joy and just pure happiness. I really can't even begin to explain what true love feels like and when you get to marry the person you are madly and deeply in love with, it's just so magical! Ok, I know, enough sappy stuff. There is so very much going on. I have about 30 other things I could be doing right now but I needed to collect myself after a busy morning. Eden is sick, AGAIN! She just has such bad asthma and allergies that when she gets a cold or something it makes it so much worse. She went to the doctor this morning and got some medicine, so hopefully she will be better before Saturday! I really need to go run some errands so I will try to do another blog later!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy and Loved

Well hello! What a crazy last two days! Wayne and I went go Galveston Saturday afternoon! It was such a pretty day and was sorrta warm out so we just packed an overnight bag and went. We had a lot of fun just him and I! We dont get to do that too too often but its nice every once in awhile! We had dinner at landry's and then went and walked the strand and shared a hot fudge sundae! :) We got up this morning and went to a nice breakfast at IHOP and then headed home! I love him, and can't wait to be his wife! Now, we are doing our nightly routine with baths and dinner but I really am enjoying my life right now. Things are so comfortable. I am really not one for change, but I know there will be a lot of that in the next few months, but I think it will be smooth! I pray! :) And, I know just being a mommy, but I really really really love my daughter! She can make me laugh so hard, yet make me cry(in amazement) in the same minute! She has such a funny and cute personality that makes me smile so much! She also will say somethings that I am just amazed by! I think to myself how did she think that out??? How did she figure out how that worked?? It's really so neat to see her grow up! Life is so precious! See... think of her makes me smile and cry... ahh....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Something New....

Well, with inspiration from a friend, I have decided to start blogging(for about the 3rd time)! I started realizing that so much happens in one day that you never get to relive again and I wanted a way to remember the little things that make a day, week, or month so special! There is so very much going on in my life right now! First... I will be marrying the love of my life, the father of my child, and my best friend on 6-5-10! It will be a Vegas wedding, Ohh yes! There are a few people getting to go and that makes me so happy! P.S. I loveee my dress! Next, we are in the process of building our first house! (Thank you God) I have been having so much fun picking out everything. I can't wait untill it is finished. They are estimating around June!

Today was a crazy day! Wayne took off work because we had so much to do and we dont ever get time together to get anything done. We got Eden off to school and left for our first stop, the Vidor tax office! I had to get my trailblazer registered and get Wayne's truck registered in the state of Texas(I bought it out of state). That was rather painless, but expensive! Next we were off to the DMV to get me a new drivers license. Mine still had my married name on it and I wanted it back to Patton! :) We get there and its February mind you, and they have two huge industrial fans going like its smoldering in there or someting. I hate government buildings, they smell wierd. I had to take a new picture and didnt really want to, mine old one was good! I was soo tan in it! After that we headed to Tri-Supply to look at doors and light fixtures and I found so much I loved! I can't wait to get it ordered! Lunch with Leonard(our friend) at Casa Ole was next and I ate way too much as usual! It's the Chips and hot sauce! Our last stop was the travel agency to book our wedding/honeymoon! The lady was really nice and got us all set up and even got a room upgrade! :) I can't wait to go! But I am tired and going to lay down! Night!