Thursday, October 27, 2011

The power of a Song

I think the first time I realized the true power of a song to provoke emotion was when I was about 4 months pregnant with Edison and I was driving home from the grocery store. I was listening to the radio, as usual, and a song came on about death of a young girl.. I can't remember the name.. but I had heard it several times with out really listening. I started to listen to the words and then think about my own child and just putting myself into that song... the tears started flowing. Not just crying, full blown boo hooo'ing while driving down the road.. Mascara was everywhere. I, to this day, will not listen to that song. If it comes on, I always change it. Another example of this was about 4 months ago Eden and I were driving home from somewhere rather late at night and a Rascal Flatts song came on "I wont let go" and I was singing away.. I LOVE that song and I hear Eden in the back start crying. I turned the song down and asked her what was wrong and she told me that that song made her feel sad. I asked why and she said because of the words and it made me think about you Mommy.. OHH MY.. I started crying. That touched me that she felt what I felt when I heard that song and she understood her feelings. It was really touching to me. Well, today I was driving to work, fresh face of make-up... very halloween themed I might add due to my pumpkin shirt I was wearing... and a Carrie Underwood song, "Temporary Home" came on. I had again, heard that song tons of times and just sang my heart out with not physically evoking emotion... until today. I started singing and started to think of the words of the song and how it was so very true. This is our temporary home and if I can make it through this life thinking that way and knowing what I can do to serve my God, that everything will be ok. And here they came... TEAR CITY! I often cry when singing songs about my God... frankly.. I often cry a lot for lots of reasons but hey.. thats me! :) But after crying for a good two minutes singing this song.. i just couldn't stop singing of listening.. I realized the person next to me at the MLK red light was staring at me. HA, oh well.. what could I do? I drove on and looking into my mirror... A HOT MESS! And I again start to think really let those words go to my heart and I felt myself getting emotional again and had to stop. I just realized that you really know that you have a wonderful song when it can do that to you. When it can make you put yourself into the song and think of you in those words. Or is can make you cry or smile or laugh at its words. Music is powerful, even to my 8 year old! :)
BTW, I repaired my makeup and no one even knew I cried at work.. whew! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So behind...

I, which I am aware that this is not normal, worry everyday about getting up to date with our pictures. I take a lot of pictures(when my camera isn't lost) and try to make sure that I have pictures for each month of Edison and Eden's lives. Also, I like to have family pictures taken yearly and frame that and hang in our home. We had those pictures taken in April, and I still do not have that done. THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY! Also, I decided with Edison I would make photo books for him on Shutterfly! I think I will do a pregnancy one and a Edison's birth to 6 month one. Now, the hard part of this all is finding the time. I need to transfer pictures from our old computer onto the new computer and that task alone seems super daunting. I also want to take some fall/winter pictures this year and use one of those for our Christmas card. I always do those super easily by just picking a picture and going onto and picking a photo card and having walgreens print them and go pick them up. SUPER EASY. I just need to get those pictures taken... AHH! Again, I have no time. I don't want to get really behind on this and I feel pictures are so important. I think I am blogging about this to remind myself frequently to do it. Alana... GET YOUR BOOTY IN GEAR... :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Power of Breakfast

I am a firm believer that eating a healthy breakfast can shape your day. I try each morning to get Eden to eat something healthy and filling.. Such as: whole wheat waffles with honey, any kind of oatmeal, grits, cereal, toast with nutella and peanut butter, yogurt and fruit, or even biscuits with turkey sausage. It really is important to me that she gets to school full and can focus on learning and not about her tummy growling.

I myself need to work on eating breakfast more often. I often find myself eating some yogurt and a peach, or granola bar and a banana. And, more often that not.. just coffee! I can really tell the difference in my work performance when I actually eat something and am not constantly looking at the clock waiting for lunch time or searching for a snack.

Also, Saturday mornings are always hard for us. Wayne always gets home late from a game and we all just want to sleep late but, that usually never ever happens. And once we are all up, we are grouches. But, all I have to do is open the turkey bacon and put it in the pan and my children's and husbands mood totally changes. Bacon is magic, lol! I usually make eggs or my husband will make is AMAZING french toast to go with our magic bacon. Having this wonderfully yummy start to our day really does get us going. Even though on Saturdays we are always just a little slower at doing things, we always have such a better day when we have some yummy in our tummy to start. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

My "Clumsy" Sunday's

For the past several years my husband has deemed our Sunday's as, "My Clumsy Sunday's"! The reasoning behind that is if something is going to happen to me, if I am going to drop something, if I am going to break something, if I am going to hurt myself.... IT HAPPENS ON SUNDAY! AHHH!