Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Memories

Now that I have my own kids I often find myself reflecting on my past 28 Christmas'! I do have to say, I have wonderful past Christmas memories. My mom and family has always done the little things that we often overlook or take for granted to make our Christmas special. We always have wonderful treats that my mom and late mamaw would make.. such as ritz crackers with peanut butter middles and covered in chocolate.. or fudge.. or divinity.. or white chocolate covered pretzels. We are a weird family(I LOVE YALL) but we don't like to have turkey and dressing again for Christmas after just having it for Thanksgiving. So... we always do a theme or just have random homemade things. This year we are having GUMBO! Ohh yes baby! I think about all of the wonderful little yummies that people would bring that have passed away and could kick myself for not asking them how they made it. Such as my mamaws pea salad or my Aunt Deb's bacon wrapped jalapenos. I can always try to re-create them, but its never the same.

Some of my favorite Christmas memories are those involving my parents trickery! I remember one year getting a basketball goal(yes, I used to be slightly athletic, lol). My parents had it set up outside and when we went out, it was there waiting for me! How did they hide that? Or when we were littler, we would always go across the big field(which now as an adult living on the same property, I now see that what I once saw as a "big" field, not being so far and Big) to my Mamaws for Christmas Eve to eat and open gifts. And, while we were over there once SANTA CAME EARLY! My cousin had gone outside and saw reindeer poop(which was just regular dog poppy, lol) and we just knew that he had already came to our house. SO, we ran back across the big field, and sure enough.. he had came! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE MY PARENTS LEAVE AND GO DO THAT? They were good! Or one year(this will show my age), I wanted a pager.. yes.. a pager for Christmas. I never thought I would actually get one. So on Christmas Eve we were all opening gifts and all of a sudden our tree started beeping. And it beeped, and beeped, and no one could figure out what it was. Until I realized DUH Alana, go see. So I peeked into the center of the tree and saw my brand new little green pager! I couldn't believe that my parents had gotten me the newest piece of technology, that was so not like them. I loved it, but how the heck did they put that into the tree without me seeing? And going back and watching that Christmas video, I saw my dad in the kitchen using the house phone to call the pager to page it. How cute and sweet!

I guess the moral of my blogging today is that even though as a parent it sometimes seems pointless to do the little things and often we just tend to overlook them and focus on the bigger picture! But... at Christmas time I am going to make an ongoing effort to focus more on the little things and try my best to instill those small memories in my children so that one day... Maybe Eden and Edison will reflect and remember those and make them appreciate Christmas and all its glory!