Friday, September 30, 2011

A new addition to our Family...

For a really long time I have wanted a new car that better met the needs of our family. Having a vehicle that only sat 5 people with a car seat and two booster seats in the back seat was just not cutting it. So we have tried for over a year, well since I found out I was pregnant with Edison, and it just wasn't God's will at that time. Well, Wayne decided to surprise me and call our bank and get a pre-approval for a car loan. Once he did that he started searching for me and met me at church Wednesday night and said pick something out... we got pre-approved. I was so excited! :) :) I either wanted a Dodge Journey or a Ford Explorer but needed to find the perfect one! I had seen a few on Kinsel Ford's website and we just needed to find the time to go see them. And see... time is a hard thing to come by in this family. With Wayne working 7 days a week and working 10 + hours a day.. that is a hard thing. But yesterday he went on his off period and test drove a few of the Ford Explorers and I went on my lunch break and and test drove the Dodge Journey! I really didn't like what I test drove and wasn't satisfied but Wayne loved what he drove for me. Without seeing the Explorer or test driving it myself, Wayne called and said that will pay mine off and take off enough money to meet our budget and if we wanted... it was ours then and there! :) I said.. DO it honey! So.. when I got off... I went and dropped off my Trailblazer and picked up my new Explorer! I was so very excited, but bittersweet at the same time. I had had that Trailblazer for 5+ years. I brought Eden to her first day of school in that and we brought Edison home from the hospital in that car.. I was just kind of emotional but knew that it was for the better and this was a good thing! :) I also thank God for this because with out him providing and allowing this to happen, it wouldn't be possible! I love my new car and I love my God.... and I love my family! I am just in a loving mood today.. lol :_)

Here is a link to the Explorer!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our September Date Night

Let me start off by saying that I still get that giddy feeling when Wayne kisses me or when we get to go on a date just him and I. I was so giddy and excited last night to be able to spend time with him alone! :) We decided for our date that we would go to Saltgrass Steakhouse! We got there and really only had to wait about 30 minutes. We had both never been to the Saltgrass in Beaumont and were really excited to eat there! We ordered the spinach dip for an appetizer! It was ok, not as good as Cheddars.. but.. I am rather partial, lol! For dinner Wayne ordered steak and shrimp and I ordered chicken with goat cheese and a yummy sauce on top! Wayne and I of corse talked about the kids and about upcoming events but it was so nice to be able to finish a sentence with out having to stop and give the kids something. I love talking to my husband. Wayne and I are observers and we always say that we will never be like those people who sit together at a meal and maybe say 5 words to each other. We will never be that way. I talk too much and he makes me laugh a lot. I love us! :) But, when we got our food we did stop conversating.. because our food was AMAZING! I really really loved what Wayne and I ordered. I always love what he orders more and eat half of his food. I have always done that and he just expects it. LOL. I will subsequently order something I know he likes because I can never eat all of my food because I eat his... So he eats mine! :) As we ate we saw them walk around with the dessert tray and were so excited to order a big ole' piece of pecan pie with some vanilla ice cream... until... we thought about going to the Yogurt Spot! I have heard so many good this about it and we decided to go there for dessert! :) :) Once we got there there are about 8 to 10 flavors of yogurt that you help yourself to. You can put them all of you want lol. After you choose your flavor( I got cheesecake and caramel and Wayne got strawberry and peach) you pick your toppings. I chose strawberries and heath bar! It was kinda pricy but very, very yummy! There were lots and lots of teenagers there, even some of Wayne's students, so we ate and left... too much drama with them lol! We then headed to Target for a few things and ended up getting Edison's new car seat. The Graco My Ride 65. It is a big purchase for us and I have done lots or research and was very excited to finally get it! :) All in all it was such a wonderful, special time with my hubby. He works 7 days a week so anytime that I get to spend with him that I am not falling asleep during is such a gift! :) Thank you Mamaw for watching out babies so we could go on our wonderful date night! I LOVE YOU WAYNE, you still give me butterflies... even after 9 years!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A beautiful surprise...

I love it when you get something that is totally unexpected and no matter how small that gesture or item may be, it makes everything right in the world. :)

Today at around 2, a women walks in with flowers and I just knew. I just knew that they were for me! My whole body smiled as I accepted them and read the note he wrote me:

"Because I love you"

And the reason is signed it "Hank" is because it is a joke with us because everyone calls him that when they can't remember his name is Wayne, lol! But, I was very humbled by this gift and love that he thought enough of his wife today to send her something to, once again, take her breath away and remind her how much I she is completely head-over-heals in love with that man!

I LOVE YOU WAYNE and thank you for choosing me! :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I do not deal well with loss. I don't like to think about it and when the situation arises I find myself turning into a different person. I turn into someone who is super sensitive, very productive, and overly sympathetic. Which is my state today!

My Aunt was diagnosed with cancer all over her little body just over a month and a half ago, and today, as I type... She is loosing her battle with that cancer. She isn't expected to live more than 24 more hours. I went and saw her last night and we knew that it wouldn't be long. She is hurting all over and it makes me, more than ever, wish I could so something to help find a cure for cancer. Cancer is something that is affecting my family so, so often and is slowly taking members of my family away. This all was so fast for my Aunt.. It feels as though she just found out. I find myself not being able to go to the hospital right now for two reasons. One, no baby sitter, and two I cant stop looking at her son(my cousin) and putting myself in his position and thinking about my children seeing me this way before I pass. It just crumbles me to think about that. I can't even imagine what he is thinking or feeling. And then I think.. what am I going to do when I lose a parent? This is all a bit overwhelming to me and when I am overwhelmed, I write.

Here is a picture of her at my bridal shower! :) She's the one standing!

I love my Aunt and her memory will forever be etched in my heart for so many reasons. I thank God for her and all she has done for me thruought my life. I hope she goes knowing she was very loved and will be so so so very missed!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I was...

On this day 10 years ago, it started like most others. I got up, got ready, and went to school. I was a senior in high school and had my whole, unknown life, ahead of me. My first period class was Mrs.Sherrod's government class. We were taking a quiz that day and were almost finished when our principle came on the loud speaker and told everyone that there was an apparent attack on the U.S. and for the teachers to turn on their T.V.'s in the rooms so we could see what was going on. As a senior in high school, you can't fully comprehend the extensive toll this would take on our Country, but we knew this was serious. We sat and watched the 1st tower smoking and saw on live T.V. when the 2nd tower was hit with another plane. I then started to think to myself of all of the things that could go wrong from this. All of the lives lost and those that will be effected by this attack. I was so worried that something would happen to us and felt a need to call my Mom. We couldn't call and that was before everyone had cell phones. I sort of felt alone and even at that age wanted my parent with me. I also worried about my Dad who worked at an oil plant because they are sometimes thought to be targets to terrorist attacks.

As the morning went on we got to watch T.V. in each class. We would change classes and talk about what was going on and then watch the news coverage. For most of the students, this was a break from the everyday schedule that we were all used to. Others took it differently due to family members either being in NY or one of the other effected areas, or that their family member is in the military and feared that they would be deployed. I had no one that I knew that was directly effected by all of this, but was very worried for my own safety. When I was younger I really didn't like history. I was learning about things that I wasn't around to see and really didn't care too much to learn about, immature I know. It was my least favorite subject, but when something like this happens it really makes you stop and re-ascess your feeling on our U.S. History. Being married to a History teacher has really changed me now. I find myself wanting to know more and more about history and am constantly asking Wayne questions. He, to me, knows everything and that is so amazing to me! I LOVE HIM!

This attack on our country has effected so much and as the years have gone by has changed more than we could have ever predicted. The loss of life isn't comprehendable to me but saddens me so deeply. Today, 10 years later, I sit with my husband and two children and watch children and family members read the names of lives lost and tears are streaming down my face. My life has changed so much in 10 years and to see children that were babies when this happened are now 10 years older and to think that their family member or parent has missed them growing up is numbing. Those children are so brave and are amazing to me. I pray for them a lot. I also pray that something of this magnitude will never happen to our country again! I will never forget where I was when this happened and the U.S. will never forget 9/11 and the lives that were lost.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Things...

I love the little things in life that are just special to you and make you so very happy! Here are a few of mine:
*My husbands hands
*A great book
*A fall day
*My Christmas Tree
*The smell of coffee in the morning.. It lets me know that it is the start of a new day and that anything is possible.. even if I am assuring myself of that due to a cup of coffee lol
*A good pen
*A friends text
*A compliment from a stranger
*Going to the grocery store alone
*Wearing my favorite shirt
*Curling my hair
*Buying a magazine
*Making my Mom laugh
*God answering a prayer of mine
*My Son's eyelashes
*My Daughter's Feet

And, Last but not least... My chair.. You know... the chair in your house that you always go to to relax. And, even though it really isn't YOUR chair, you claim it and when others sit in it you are secretly so mad and jealous!

I know some of these things may seem silly to you, but some of these little things get me through my day. They promise me of something safe and comfortable to come, or something fun and challenging for me! It also reminds me to stop and appreciate the little things and realize that you don't need a lot to be happy.. Just YOUR little things! :)