Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh how I love mornings like this....

I have so much to do today, this Saturday morning, but I got up before everyone else and started laundry. Shortly after the kids and hubby got up and we hurriedly got Eden and Wayne ready for their upward basketball game. On a side note, Edison and I no longer go to those games because my son is a LOUD butt! :) But as I rushed them off I fixed Edison his morning bowl of whole wheat baby cereal with organic applesauce, his favorite. My mom usually feeds him this because we have to drop him off so early, so me being able to do this is such a treat. After he gobbles it down, he is always still in eating mode so I give him a "snack". Today he got organic apple juice with water and yogurt bites. I turned on NickJr for him to peak at and sat down for a second before starting another load of laundry. As I look over at Edison in his high chair carefully choosing his next bite and then sipping on his juice, I thought to myself, "Wow, he is a big boy. My son is growing up!" I remember just mere months ago how he would wake up and I would rock him as he drank his morning bottle with rice cereal. And now, I feed him his breakfast and he feeds himself part of it. I all of a sudden felt this overwhelming feeling of love for him and how I am so proud of him but, why? I cant quite figure out why so much pride is being felt right now but realize.. this is what being a parent is. This feeling right here. I love this. and I love being a parent more than God could have ever prepared me for. As you hear in many different ways, it truly does feel like your heart is living outside of your chest. And it just keeps beating and beating.. and growing and growing.

Ohh, I have to go... my heart is crying :)