Sunday, March 4, 2012

What a difference a year can make....

This time last year I was anxiously waiting the arrival of our 2nd child and impatiently waiting to see his sweet face and to touch his tiny hand. I knew that he would eventually come, but in his own time and way. I tried to keep myself busy, to make the time pass. I really didn't have very much going on last March. I has stopped cleaning houses because my huge belly just got in the way and I was honestly too tired to do much at home either. So, I would sit in is room and dream or wash his clothes over and over. I loved the smell! Or, I would go walk around Wal-mart (alone, what a crazy thought now) and get little things we really didn't need, but I was over preparing myself for the unknown. I just felt like I needed to walk. I know that probably didn't do anything, but thats what all of the older, wiser ladies would tell me! I remember that I would check my hospital bag and Edisons diaper bag over and over. And repack it over and over. I was so worried that I would forget something. At that point, it was difficult to find things to wear. My belly has its own zip code and that meant my shirts were wayyyyyy to small. I often would wear Waynes shirts. I look back at that now and laugh because they are so big on me now. :) To be honest, I really didn't know what to think or how our lives were about to change, but I was so ready!

One year later our lives have gotten a little crazier, a little busier, but A LOT more fun! Edison is now almost a year old and the joy and love this child has brought me isn't fathomable. I often reminisce on how our lives were before Edison and think of the little things that were different but, I honestly can't vividly imagine our lives before. I know I got a lot more sleep, but hey.. who needs 8 hours when you can be awake seeing our two sweet faced children. I know I had a lot more free time but teaching Edison his ABC's and counting and colors are just adorable! I never ever knew that a year could go by so fast, but it has and I am a little sad about that. Don't get me wrong, I am happy some of the baby things are over with, but at the same time, I will miss them more than I know now.

So one year ago I was filled with hope, wonder, and baby and today that has been replaced with unconditional love, joy, and just a little more baby fat to loose! :)