Friday, January 14, 2011

Things are about to change...

I knew I would be bad at keeping up with this, but I guess I have an excuse! :) A lot has been going on preparing for the new baby, taking care of my family, and getting our home done. Our son is due in about 4 to 6 weeks and I am just overwhelmed with excitement, nervousness, and joy! This baby is such a blessing to us and he isn't even here yet. I sometimes worry about how this will change our family dynamic but know that it will be for the better once everyone adjust. I hope Eden knows that we love her dearly and even though things with the new baby will take over mommy and daddy at times, she is still our heart and the most amazing daughter that we could have ever ask God for! I sometimes lay in bed feeling Edison kick and wonder who he will look like or what his little personality will be like? I can't wait to see his sweet face and to actually feel him.. not just feel him move inside of me! I do have to say that I am actually kinda scared for the birth. With Eden, I had no idea what to expect because she was my first child, but with him, I know whats coming. Even though I know every birth is different I do hope things go differently this time. I pray each day for ultimately him to be healthy, but I also want the birth to go smoothly and for him to have a healthy mom to spend his first few hours and days with! :)