Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have set several new years resolutions/goals for myself and feel documenting that will make me more motivated to stick with it! So.. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Get in shape - I have a little weight to loose but most of all I need to loose the flab and get some muscles in its place. I have a lot of toning to do from the baby still. So far, I haven't done so well, but I hope to get started soon.

2. Eat healthier/organic - I feel the things you eat directly affect your energy, health, and so many other things we can't comprehend. So, it is really important for me to eat less processed foods and more things that are fresh and organic. I also plan to start our spring garden when it gets warmer because there is nothing better than a home grown, vine ripe tomato from your own garden! :)

3. Become more organized - Having this organized and all in its place is an ongoing goal for me. I feel that it not only saves you time, but allows you to do more productive things with your time. I feel I am half way there with this. I just need to get more storage options and have the time to start space by space.

4. Document our life more - This is a hard one for me. But, I now have all of the resources to do so and am working hard at it. When Eden was little I didn't have a video camera and that really makes me deeply upset that I do not have ANY footage of her when she was born till about 2 years ago. But, all I can do it learn from that and make it such a priority to have our lives documented by video and pictures and blogging so that we and generations to come and go back and see how wonderful our sweet little life was!

5. Last but not least.. More time to myself - This is a hard one but a must! I realized earlier that I haven't really gotten to sit down to a meal and ENJOY what I eat rather than scarf it down before Edison starts crying or getting into something in about 6 months. I used to keep my nails and toenails manicured and painted but now I am lucky to if they are cut. Also, sadly... I really need to get more up-to-date on fashion because most of my clothes are WAY out of style and sadly again, do not fit. SO, I need to clean our my closet and slowly replace those items with new, more mom-like trendy things. That makes me excited. :)

I know these things are all easily done but with Wayne and I working so much its hard to get anything done when we are off because we just want to spend time with the kids. Or its so much easier to just do the convenient thing than take the time and cook or put things in their proper place. I am excited about 2012 and excited of the things God has in store for my family and I and the things he has to show and teach me.

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