Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life Changing Decisions

How can one conversations, one phone call, and one decision change so much? Well, it will and already has! :) Wayne and I still sometimes feel like we are kids living in this big old world. We more so feel this way when we have to make decisions that effect not only our lives, but others around us. It is kind-of a surreal feeling but such a fulfilling one at the same time. Example, when we decided to build our house. It was very very scary to think that someone would lend a couple of crazy in-love 20 somethings that much money. And then the thought that we would owe that much money to someone still sends chills down my spine, but, we need a roof over our heads right? :) I am not really sure if feeling this way will ever go away. When will I feel like the grown up I have been for several years? I love my life and have never felt regret for any decision that I have made. Even though some decisions do not fully make since or the complete path of that decision isn't clear yet, it is still extremely rewarding to me to come to a decision. Alright, now that I have said decision 2000 times in this blog post.. The End :)

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